Exercise Myths Busted

Getting fit can be a complicated and confusing time. With endless information on the internet, in magazines and on television, it’s difficult to process what is actually right and wrong. The first thing to say is that everybody is different, and everyone’s body works in a different way. Therefore what works for one person might not work for everybody. However, here are a few exercises myths that you can stop believing and work out more efficiently!

Exercise MythsNo pain, no gain. While you should try and push yourself a little when you’re exercising, it shouldn’t really be painful. If it is, you’re probably pushing yourself too much too soon. Exercise should be a little challenging but not totally exhaust you, in fact it should make you feel more energised.

I need to exercise for hours every week. This is simply not true. If you want to have a Hollywood six pack, you’ll really have to put some serious hours in, but to lose a bit of weight and tone up all it takes is half an hour 3 times a week. This combined with a change in your diet can really make a big difference to your body shape and fitness levels.

I need to stretch to prevent injury. Of course warming up is crucial before you start any workout and it can help to prevent you harming yourself when exercising, it doesn’t mean that you’re totally immune. You still need to take care to not over do things and listen to your body.

Muscle weights more than fat. It’s slightly tricky to get your head around, but 1kg of muscle and 1kg of fat weight the same amount. The trust is that muscle is denser than fat, and therefore you will need more muscle than fat to occupy the same space. This is why if you’re working out you can actually shrink in size but still put on weight. But don’t worry, lean muscle is fantastic for your body.