How to Get Your Physical Education Degree

If you have a passion for sports and fitness, enjoy teaching and find being around children pleasant, you may want to consider getting a degree in physical education. If you’re wondering how to get your physical education degree, start here to learn more.

Attend University

To get your bachelor of physical education degree, you must apply for and attend university. You’ll want to research the different schools that offer a physical education degree to see which is best for you. Most programs offer degrees in both health and physical education, so you should expect to learn about different topics like teaching methods, health topics taught in schools and recreational sports.

Get Practical Experience

Most universities require students to obtain practical knowledge by working in the field. As part of your degree program, you may be expected to work in a physical education class in a primary or secondary school.

Acquire a License

Once you’ve finished university, you must become licensed before you can work in a school. Licensing requirements vary depending on where you wish to teach, so do your research to see what’s required. Usually, licensing requires one test to evaluate your general teaching methods and another in your content area.

The path to getting your bachelor of physical education isn’t easy. However, it can be rewarding when you finally complete your degree and can secure a good job helping children with their fitness.