How to Build Lean Muscle

How to Build Lean MuscleWhen most people talk about losing weight, they don’t really mean what they say. What they actually want to do is get rid of excess fat on their bodies and supplement this with lean muscle. The two are very different things. You can reduce fat, look slimmer and more toned while actually weighing more on the scales. Here are some great tips if you want that amazing lean muscle body.

There are two main exercises that you need to do to gain lean muscle. First lets deal with weights. Aim to do 30 minutes of weight lifting three times a week. You should try and work your muscles so you can comfortably no longer do the exercise. If you don’t push yourself them you will only maintain your current muscle mass rather than build it. It’s also important that you spread out your weight lifting days, this will give your muscles chance to recover and then you can push them a little further next time.

Cardio is also important, not so much for building muscle, but for making sure that the muscle is visible. You can have a great six pack but if it’s hidden under lots of fat that you won’t see it. Cardio will help strip fat and show off your newly built muscle. It’s also important to shake up and change your exercise. If you don’t your body will get used to it and your progress will plateau. Interval training is ideal for this.

Diet is also important when building lean muscle. A high protein diet is great for building muscle. Foods like chicken, chick peas and nuts are all high in protein. It’s also important to eat at regular intervals throughout the day. Your body is working hard when you’re building muscle so it needs regular nourishment to carry this out.