How to Stay Motivated

Many people have great intentions about getting fit, the difficulty is maintaining that enthusiasm and fitness is about sustained training. Though with increasingly busy lives it can be difficult to keep up your motivation and stick to your fitness plan. Here are some tips that can help you stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals.

First off, you need to start slowly. If you over exercise at the start, you’ll experience exhaustion and burn out and then your motivation will quickly disappear. One must build the training bit by bit, then as your fitness and energy levels increase, so will your motivation.

How to Stay MotivatedA great way to stay motivated is to set yourself a goal and try to make it something that means something to you. Of course looking good in your swimwear this summer might be great but signing up for a charity run is a more concrete thing to work towards. You don’t have to commit to the marathon but rather agree to do something more realistic like running 5km.

Perhaps the biggest hurdle to overcome is the devil on your shoulder telling yourself to stay in bed and not to put on your trainers and work out. There is no hard and fast rule for how you deal with this but it’s important to deal with this. Especially at the start this might be difficult, once you have been working out for a few months the process will become habitual and you’ll look forward to your exercise sessions.

Another great way to get fit is to invest in some new training gear and get yourself a good, motivational playlist for your fitness sessions. It’s not good working out in your old trainers and shorts which make you feel unattractive and frumpy. This isn’t conducive to successful training. If you buy yourself some new kit that you feel good in it will really encourage you to work out.