Prevent Injury When Exercising

Prevent Injury When ExercisingSo you finally decided to get fit, eat healthily and start working out. But after a few weeks of hitting the gym or embarking on regular jogs, you are plagued by injury. Perhaps you over-lifted? Or maybe your knees are feeling the strain of your thrice weekly jogs? Injury can be one of the most frustrating obstacles to overcome. Here we’ll look at some ways in which you can avoid injury and thus maintain your regime and achieve your fitness dreams.

Body awareness is crucial to avoiding injury. If you have knee problems then long distance running is not the best choice of cardio workout. For those who might have issues with their shoulders or back, lifting excessively heavy weight is not an ideal choice. It’s not to say that you have to totally avoid exercise that involves problem part of your body, rather just be aware of it and plan accordingly.

Hiring a personal trainer is a great way to avoid injury, as they will ensure that you are exercising correctly and not putting unnecessary strain on your body. If you can’t afford to have a personal trainer all the time, a few introductory session can set you off on the right path. If a trainer is not possible, do some research about how to exercise correctly. There are numerous online tutorials which can give you useful tips and advice.

The biggest mistake that most people who are new to exercise make is not warming up correctly and starting off with a regime that is too intense for their current fitness level. It might be your long term goal to run a marathon but you need to start off slow. Start with little and often, though you still need to give your body sufficient rest, and then slowly build up to more intense and rigorous workouts.