Setting Realistic Exercise Goals

Realistic Exercise GoalsDeciding to get fit is a great step for anybody to take, and they should be applauded for making this decision. In life when we decide to do something we often over-estimate how easy it will be, and while having big dreams and aspirations is great, you actually need to action this with a multitude of small steps. Here we will discuss the process of setting realistic goals.

When setting yourself a goal the first question to ask yourself is ‘is my goal realistic?’ If you want to lose 10kg over a year, then it is, wanting to lose 5kg in a month is not. Be careful about setting your expectations too high, as if you do you will fail and then feel demotivated to continue.

Once you have your goal, you need to clarify how you are going to achieve this. Ask yourself questions like ‘how many hours a week will I need to exercise to achieve this?’ and ‘what kind of adjustments will I have to make to my diet?’ Also,consider that you will want to build up your regime slowly, there for you might plan four 30 minute session for the first two weeks, then change it to three 45 minute sessions.

A great process to go through is when you think of a goal, reduce it by about half. You might want to get for a run a marathon in six onths, but why not think about running a half marathon first? If you say to yourself I want to get a six pack in 3 months, instead, just focus on dropping 5kg. This is still a big step towards your final destination but it’s much more achievable and you’ll be less disappointed and more inclined to continue. Stay realistic, stay motivated and you’ll achieve more than you thought possible.